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Cleansing Your Gemstones

In my last blog I talked about crystals and 7 every healer (whether you’re just starting out or have been healing with crystals for years) should have.

After finding the perfect crystals for you, you must cleanse them! 

Cleansing them helps shed any negative energies that may have been absorbed by the crystal.

Some people believe not all crystals NEED to be cleansed, but it never hurts!

Cleansing crystals can be done in a number of ways.

Soaking them in a crystal bath or smudging them with sage are two of my favorite ways.

Crystal Bath

The crystal bath method is simple and very effective

You can bathe your crystals in a bowl of spring water.

If you are feeling adventurous, bring them out to a natural stream or body of fresh water!

Using salt water can be harsh for a lot of crystals, so spring water is best. 

You can soak them anywhere between 1 hr and 24 hours.

The time you choose may be due to the crystal’s size, or just your natural intuition as to what you think it needs.

Once the bath is complete, allow your crystals to dry on a white clothe.

Letting them air dry naturally will allow their energy to remain pure. Doing this in the sun will boost their energy, leaving them cleansed and charged!

[this method is not good for water soluble crystals, so be sure to check!!]


Since crystals should be cleansed after each use, smudging is a fast and efficient technique you can do if you don’t have time for a full soak.

You can use a variety of things to smudge; including Sage, Juniper, Incense or Sweet Grass to name a few.

Simply use a lighter to get your choice of ‘smudger’ producing a consistent stream of smoke.

Weaving the smoke back and forth over the crystals and repeating the intention of your choice will enable this cleansing method.

An example: “Cleanse any negative energy that has been absorbed or lies upon the surface of this (these) crystals. Filling them instead with a solid flow of positive energy from the universe.”

 Voilà! Cleansed and ready for their next use.

No matter what method you choose to cleanse your crystals keep in mind..

It isn’t the method that matters, it’s the intention behind it. 

ps — handle your crystal friends with care! They’re fragile. 🙂

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