This one goes out to all my followers in the Phoenix Valley, as it’s finally happened…

Summer is here. 

Personally, I have somewhat become better acclimated to the intense Summer temperatures; BUT,  I still get a bit stir crazy spending more time inside than usual.

So, I decided to compile a list of things we can all still do that maintain our wellness and keep us mindful (even if it is 118 degrees)!

Just because you have to spend most of your time inside doesn’t mean you have to spend it in front of the TV binge watching Netflix (guilty…)! Instead you could…

⇐ Take a Yoga Class ⇒

Yoga helps us push our boundaries, and develop our sense of self.

Stay well balanced and keep your sanity with a yoga class. Plus make new friends! Here are a few class schedules throughout the valley that you may want to check out…

Goat Yoga (yep yoga with goats..real ones!)

Urban Yoga ( I love there $5 donation class Sunday mornings :))

Yoga Pura

⇐ Volunteer 

Become a part of something bigger than you!

Focus on others instead of how hot it is! Volunteer with animals, youth, the elderly, or anyone inbetween! Here are a few options to get the ball rolling.

Civitan Youth Volunteer Program 

Liberty Wildlife


⇐ Get Out at Night 

Phoenix Art Museum is a magical place to hang out at for an afternoon 🙂

It’s cooler at night, thus it’s when the valley really comes alive! Check out these  host pages for summer events happening around the valley!

AZ Central

Sutra Roosevelt

Phoenix Art Museum

⇐ Get Crafty 

Turn something you already have into something you LOVE

Exercise your creative muscles by doing a project you’ve been meaning to do! Check out a few of these DIY Pinterest boards for fun ideas for just you, a few friends, or the whole family.

Copy Cat Chic

Jessican Designs 

The Go Green Collective

⇐ When all else fails…leave :). 

Go for it, plan your escape!

Have a weekend off? Well then, what are you hanging around here for…Get outta dodge! Drive a few hours in almost any direction and shave off 10 degrees or more! 

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