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Get To Know Your Chakras

The Chakra System is comprised of 7 main energy points on the body.


Understanding and working on keeping this system in good health can help you in a number of ways: 

  • Enhances self-awareness and your ability to tune in to what’s happening with you internally.

  • Leaves you feeling balanced.

  • Allows you to directly acknowledge physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues you may see yourself battling.  

  • Inspires regular self-maintenance. Once you are aware, balanced, and feeling fantastic it’s hard to go back to feeling any other way. 🙂

So how do you know what chakra is imbalanced?

What does it mean to be imbalanced?

Let’s break it down, moving through issues associated with each Chakra.  As you continue reading, practicing tuning in to YOU.


Starting with the Root Chakra.


The Root Chakra is your sense of security, trust, survival, and connection to family and Earth.

This Chakra may suffer from a blockage if…

  • You don’t feel grounded, you’re merely floating through life with few attachments.

  • You’re indecisive about pretty much everything, but once you do decide you become a bit obsessed

  • You have multiple unexplained phobias

If you’re reading this and thinking none of that applies, that’s great! Your Root Chakra is most likely in check. 


The Sacral Chakra is where your creativity and sexual energy collide. It’s directly related to your energy levels and the way you connect with others. 


Your Sacral may be imbalanced if…

  • You feel lonely, even in groups. Groups may actually make you feel insecure, as you lack a certain confidence you think everyone else appears to have…

  • You’ve sort of been on an emotional roller coaster as of late, and you’re seriously ready to get off…

  • Your libido has been…well, out to lunch for a while (ok, a concerning amount of time…’Hello libido? Can you come back please?’) 

  • Serious conditions are also linked to Sacral Chakra imbalance; eating disorders and addiction tend to unfold when we suffer from long term imbalance.  Traumatic experiences early in our lives can trigger this. 

If you are resonating with any of the above, it may be time to initiate a healing process in this Chakra. Once you achieve alignment you will begin to feel balanced and be able to show empathy and truly connect with others. 


Your Solar plexus is your inner sunshine!  This is where you find your innerstrength and “gut feelings”.


      Your inner sunshine may be dimmer than usual if…

  • You have been feeling uncentered, everything feels just a little bit off no matter what you do…

  • You find yourself unable to sleep, and instead you’re up munching while on a Netflix binge into the wee hours of the night… 

  • You are craving sugar like no one’s business (and as far as you’re concerned – the roll of thin mints you just inhaled IS no one’s business)…

  • You are stressed to the max…

Our Solar Plexus is a very common Chakra to have fall out of alignment since we all suffer from stress on the daily.  Having a healthy, aligned Solar Plexus will help us feel balanced in the work – family – life department.


The Heart Chakra pretty much speaks for itself; this is where your love and compassion come alive.  Your sense of adventure, your ability to forgive, and your emotional awareness in your relationships are all associated with the Heart Chakra. 


                    Your Heart may need some love if…

  • You’re rather detached from..well, everything. Commitment is not a word in your vocabulary.

  • You’re usually a pretty passionate person who has strong opinions, but as of late you’re feeling rather indifferent

  • You have began to think sincerity is a myth, and most people can’t be trusted

  • It’s all just beginning to feel somewhat hopeless

If you’re thinking all of the above sounds like you, well my friend, that’s a big fat bummer.  Fear not! It’s not hopeless, because it’s not over until you’re dead and you’re reading this so… 🙂 smile and let’s work on it.


The Throat Chakra is your control center for communication and expression.  Here you find your sense of leadership and responsibility


Misalignment in the Throat Chakra may feel something                                           like this…

  • Even when you’re chatting with others you can’t help but feel a bit isolated, somehow even your best friends don’t seem to understand you anymore…

  • Every spare moment of your time is spent feeling anxious about how anxious you’ve been.(#viciouscircles)…

  • You can’t seem to gather your feelings and thoughts together to express them clearly, which is getting to be rather difficult to cope with… 

I think it’s safe to say we all have moments where our Throat Chakras have swung out of alignment. Regaining balance here will leave you feeling connected to yourself, and able to communicate clearly and maybe even express yourself creatively.  


Our Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra of the mind – where we gather and process our thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Home to our intuition.thirdeyecharka


Your Third Eye may be overactive or under-active if…

  • Overthinking things is your normal, sometimes you suffer from headaches or migraines due to stress and overprocessing

  • You suffer from recurring nightmares or hallucinations

  • You tend to only think about things in a logical way, sometimes ignoring your gut feelings

If you’re not overthinking life on a daily basis you are truly one of the lucky ones! If you’re struggling with quieting your own mind consider taking a 10 minute life break every day. Just sit with yourself, without your phone or talking to other people. Let your own mind communicate to you without interruption, and really listen.


Last, but not least, our Crown Chakra is our center of connection to the Universe and our awareness. This is our the part of us that seeks enlightenment and flexes our imagination


This Chakra may suffer from blockages if…

  • You have actually began feeling disconnected from your own mind, emotions, and body.

  • You’re suffering from depression, and lack faith

  • More often than not you find yourself confused about how you feel.

Keeping your Crown Chakra connected and open to the positive energy the universe has to offer you is going to keep Vital Energy flowing to all of your other Chakras. Poor health in this Chakra will directly effect the health and well-being of the other six. 


If you’ve read all of this and don’t feel like you suffer from any Chakra blockages that is great! Keep up your routine to maintain your Chakra health and balance. 

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, and think you may have more Chakras out of alignment than in alignment it’s time to start addressing some of these imbalances.  This can be done in a multitude of ways including, but certainly not limited to: 

  • Exercising/Practicing Yoga

  • Journaling or Creative Expression

  • Meditating or Chanting

  • Talking about it with someone you trust

  • Receiving Energy Healing

  • Taking time to relax and make time for yourself

  • Eating foods that are associated with the Chakras

  • Giving Color Therapy or Sound Therapy a try

Finding balance starts with choosing to.  Living a balanced life isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Start today by acknowledging first where you need to improve, for that’s really over half the battle. 


   *Photo credit goes to Kacha Stones, Yoga Journal, and

Written By: Jessica Strom, Solstice Energy Healing Reiki Master


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